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Papai’s Garden aims to provide meaningful employment by engaging individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the planting, harvesting, and selling of produce -- thus developing their individual functions & practical skills, while nurturing their growing self-esteem, fulfillment, and recognized contributions.

Starting in New York and expanding wherever possible, our goal is to impact the lives of many, two communities at a time. That's the power of growing with love; our nurtured community will supply delicious, nutritious food to another.

After my older brother, Papai, was diagnosed with intellectual disability, my family began the perennial search for opportunities to build his skills, bolster his confidence, and be an integral part of society. 


As he got older, we went through numerous organizations to find him supported employment, and today Papai works part-time at a local supermarket as a shopping cart retriever.  While it gets him out of the house and provides a salary, he finds it mundane. Nothing compares to the stimulation and pride he exudes when gardening in our backyard.

Papai isn’t alone.

3.2M adults have ID in the US. 


Almost all are underemployed, while 2.1M are unemployed altogether, and far fewer are fulfilled.


There is a critical need to meaningfully incorporate this population into the labor force. 

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